Tips for Working with a Kitchen Remodeler

For most homeowners, hiring a kitchen remodeler is the first step toward having a more functional and fashionable kitchen. The remodeling process can be time-consuming and stressful, though, even when homeowners are working with contractors.

Maintaining an active role in this process can help to ensure the homeowners are happy with the end results, that the projects are completed on time, and they do not go over budget. That doesn’t mean they should micromanage every aspect of the project. Instead, readers can check out the following simple tips for working effectively with kitchen remodeling contractors to ensure they get the results they want.

Establish Good Communication Practices

Homeowners should ask their contractors how they prefer to communicate regarding the project. Some contractors like to speak with their clients each morning before the day’s work begins, while others like to set a predetermined time to talk, and other contractors offer their cell phone numbers so clients can call or text when they have questions. Regardless of when and how contractors like to communicate with their clients, homeowners should be sure to speak with the remodeling contractors at least once a day so they can ask questions and voice concerns.

Keep a Project Journal

It’s a good idea to begin a project journal before even seeking out a contractor. This gives homeowners a space to brainstorm during the earliest phases, take down questions they’d like to ask their contractors during their meetings, note upcoming delivery dates and project milestones, and record the project’s progress. It can also be helpful to have a record of communications in the unlikely event any dispute should arise later.

Check the Work

Homeowners should be proactive about evaluating their contractors’ progress. Most choose to check in on the progress each day after the crew has left, as this gives them a chance to evaluate any quality issues like misaligned trim or incorrect appliance model numbers. Most contractors will also stipulate that their clients make payments as certain aspects of the job are finished, so it’s wise to check progress along the way to make sure everything is going as planned.